Oh, hello there! I’m Alex, and I am a documentary wedding photographer. I’m based in Essex, but can be found snapping my way around London, the South East, the rest of the UK… I’d even go as far as Europe – heck, the world, why not?! 

I think I’m quite lucky to be able to shoot people for a living… with a camera of course (what a terrible dad joke, sorry.) You know what it’s like, there’s so much to take in at a wedding, not to mention all the drinking, eating, dancing, general fun having – this is where I come in. I love being on the periphery of all that good stuff, being able to capture those elusive moments that could otherwise just be memories in people’s minds – it’s so much nicer to be able to share them, don’t you think? 

My approach is always natural, unobtrusive and fun, because I think that if you put all of those elements together then you’ve got yourself a great photo! So, I won’t be getting in your way, shoving a huge lens in your face or demanding elaborate poses. I’ll be mingling discretely amongst your guests, preserving all the memories of your amazing day – even the ones some people might rather forget! 

So, if you think my documentary style and relaxed approach sounds like it could work for you, then take a look at my website, and feel free to get in touch for a little chinwag about your day.

Take a peek at my 'portfolio' here. 

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